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Dr. Joseph A. Affholter is a co-founder of Gantec Inc. Affholter is an experienced research scientist, biotechnology corporate executive and consultant. His consulting work focuses on business, technology, intellectual property and leadership development. While his consulting work has taken him into a variety of industries, his primary focus remains one of helping high technology (energy, chemical and bio-pharmaceutical) companies anticipate change and invest in a high-value tomorrow.

Prior to his current roles, Dr. Affholter was involved in the early-stage development of the biopharmaceutical company, Maxygen, Inc. (Redwood City, CA). At Maxygen, Affholter served in two executive capacities, first as vice president, then as chief corporate strategist. In these roles, Affholter served as an inventor; researcher; and business and intellectual property strategist. He helped to develop several key patents and played a key role in establishing major partnerships with leading chemical, agricultural and pharmaceutical concerns.

In late 1999, Affholter was part of the executive leadership team that took the company through its initial public offering, raising >$200 million. At Maxygen, Affholter also helped to craft a strategy whereby the company’s agriculture and chemical businesses were spun-off as new entities, distinct from Maxygen. These offspring would eventually become the businesses now known as Codexis, Inc. (chemical manufacturing) and Verdia, Inc (agricultural products).

In 2004, Verdia was purchased by The DuPont Company for $70 million. Prior to joining Maxygen, Dr. Affholter served for eight years in research leader and strategic advisor capacities at The Dow Chemical Company in Midland, Michigan. In these roles, he led pharmaceutical research groups focused on discovery of potential therapies for cancer and autoimmune disease. He also led industrial and environmental biotechnology efforts focused on applying life technologies in the chemical and agricultural industries.

Affholter has served in advisory and directorship roles on a variety of educational and corporate boards.  He has given dozens of invited lectures to university, corporate and convention audiences. He is co-author on numerous peer-reviewed scientific papers, US and foreign patents and patent applications. Joe and his wife, Roxanne, have four children and reside in Mid-Michigan.

Affholter received his BS degree in Chemistry from Michigan Technological University (Houghton, MI) and his PhD degree in Molecular Pharmacology at Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA).