Our unique

Bioadaptive ingredients

make the difference

The Bioadaptive Benefit

Wouldn't it be great if you knew exactly what challenges your plants would face this coming season?

You would be able to be perfectly prepared for whatever may come your way. Will we get hit with another wet season or face drought conditions? Unfortunately, we don't know what stresses may come up, but with Gantec's unique Bioadaptive products, you can give your plant the adaptive capacity they need to face the uncertain challenges and overcome them. 

Plant Resiliency

Gantec’s Biodapt® technology is derived from plant-based materials that thrive in extreme environments across the globe, from arid deserts to high altitudes near the edge of the tree line. The natural plant materials found in Gantec products leverage this natural resiliency to help plants navigate the challenges of abiotic stresses, including temperature, moisture, light, and nutrient deficiencies. Gantec’s Biodapt® formulations provide plants with key substances that create a condition where the plant can more efficiently respond to the stress with less impact on growth and yield, giving the grower the best possible agronomic and economic outcome.

Nutrient Uptake

Gantec’s Biodapt® technology uses the power of naturally derived plant substances to enhance delivery and uptake of key nutrients. Gantec’s source materials thrive in adverse conditions around the globe, usually in nutrient deficient soils and environments, and the substances used in the Biodapt® powered formulations leverages these same traits to elevate plants’ ability to maximize the uptake and use of available nutrients. Independent studies have demonstrated the ability of Gantec products to improve levels of key micro and macro nutrients, including nitrogen, calcium, boron, and manganese, leading to conditions for maximized growth and yield, and resiliency to the negative effects of nutrient deficiencies.

Yield & Growth

Gantec’s Biodapt® technology delivers unique formulations that complement existing growing systems and maximize conditions for improved growth and yield. Using some of the latest advances in plant science, Gantec’s diverse source material gives plants a wide range of tools to better respond to abiotic stresses, maximize nutrient uptake and use, and navigate the various challenges of a growing season, with an end result of consistently improved yield and growth. These improvements in growing conditions deliver yield and quality improvements in good, low-stress growing seasons, as well as in high-stress seasons, when the benefits can be especially pronounced. Whether on row crops, annual produce, greenhouse starters, or bush and tree crops, Gantec technology can deliver real results.