Plant-Based Biopesticide

Enthrive™ is a plant-based biopesticide, designed to treat a wide variety of diseases, pests, and infections in food and ornamental crops. Enthrive™ is powered by a combination of broad-spectrum essential oil active ingredients, and Gantec’s proprietary plant-based formulation and delivery technology. This allows for efficient uptake and efficacy, with multiple modes of action, resulting in a healthier, more productive crop.


Plant-based ingredients

Multiple active ingredients

Highly compatible

Broad Spectrum

Low use rates

Zero re-entry times

Suitable for most crops

and spray programs

General Use Instructions

Enthrive™ should be applied at between 2 and 8 fl oz per acre every 5-14 days, depending on the crop and disease or pest target. Typical dilution should be between 1:250 and 1:1000. Enthrive™ is designed for compatibility with most existing products, but jar testing is recommended for new combinations.

For more detailed application information, contact your local Gantec rep or agronomist.

Available for sale in: CA, GA, HI, IL, MI, MN, NJ, NY, TX

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