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General Information

Guaranteed Analysis

Nutriforge™ Pro Calcium is a powerful new calcium fertilizer with improved delivery and uptake technology to maximize applications across a wide variety of crops, designed both to correct calcium deficiencies and to improve conditions for growth where additional calcium is needed. Nutriforge™ Pro Calcium uses Gantec’s proprietary

Px Vitalyst™ technology, which uses plant-based biochemistry to support nutrient utilization and absorption in foliar and soil applications, for powerful and effective results. Nutriforge™ Pro Calcium can be applied through standard application systems throughout the growing season. 

Total Nitrogen (N) ............................... 3.0%

     3.0% Nitrate Nitrogen

Calcium (Ca) ........................................... 4.0%

Derived from: Calcium Nitrate


Usage Guidelines

Shake well before using

Improved Calcium Uptake • More Efficient Nutrient Delivery

• Improved Fruit Harvests • Corrects Calcium Deficiencies

• Improved Yields • Cost-Effective Solution

For best results, use agitation

Store in a cool dry place, at room temperature

Flush or rinse sprayers with water after use

Usage and Rates


Nutriforge™ Pro Calcium is a concentrated liquid nutrient that can be applied to soils, as a foliar spray, or in irrigation and injection systems. Pro Calcium can be tank mixed with a wide variety of other nutrients and chemicals, but is not compatible with phosphates or sulfates.

Jar testing is recommended for new mixes.


Soil Applications:

Apply 1-2 quarts per acre in broadcast or 1-2 pints per acre in-furrow or side dress as a supplement for soil calcium. Apply 1-2 pints per acre in soil injection systems, every 2-4 weeks, for tree crops.


Foliar Spray:

Apply 1 pint per acre every 7-14 days as needed for produce and field crops, and 1 quart per acre every 7-21 days as needed for tree crops.



Apply 1 pint per acre weekly as needed.