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Nutriforge™ Calcium products are designed to reduce nutritional deficiencies and improve output in tree, bush, and vine crops. The broad spectrum nutritional content provides enhanced conditions for increased production and resiliency, and heads off detrimental conditions resulting from poor nutrient uptake, particularly from calcium. These benefits are powered by Gantec’s proprietary Biodapt® technology, which leverages unique, complex plant-based additives to maximize nutrient effect, with resulting benefits to yield at harvest.


Improved yields

Improved calcium uptake

Efficient nutrient delivery

Improved fruit quality

Improves conditions for:

Plant resiliency

Yield and growth

Nutrient uptake

General Use Instructions

Nutriforge™ Calcium products are concentrated liquid nutrients that can be applied to soils, as a foliar spray, or in irrigation and injection systems. Nutriforge™ Calcium Max and Nutriforge™ Pro Calcium can be tank mixed with a wide variety of other nutrients and chemicals, but are not compatible with phosphates or sulfates. Jar testing is recommended for new mixes.

Apply 1 pint - 2 quarts

For more detailed application information, see specific crop pages or contact your local Gantec rep or agronomist.

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Recommended Crops

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Improved Calcium Uptake Apple Chart

Improved Calcium Uptake in Honeycrisp Apples

Reduced Bitter Pit Loss in Honeycrisp Apples

Reported Bitterpit Apples Chart
Improved Nutrient Uptake Grapes Chart