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GantecGreen™ features unique biochemistry to improve the delivery of existing fertilizers and inputs to plants, resulting in better plant vibrancy and resiliency, which leads to improved yields. It can be used through existing spray systems and applied throughout the growing season.


• Improves nutrient uptake

• Improves fertilizer efficiency

• Plant-based ingredients
• Concentrated formulation

• Improves conditions for:

• Plant resiliency

• Yield and growth

• Nutrient uptake

OMRI-listed GantecGreen™ is a concentrated liquid adjuvant that can be applied as a foliar spray, in transplant water, or fogged on in greenhouse settings. Jar testing is recommended for new mixes.

Apply GantecGreen™ 1/8 oz per 1,000 sq ft once a week.
For more detailed application information, see specific crop rates below or contact your local Gantec rep or agronomist.
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