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Potatoes • Corn • Soybeans • Tomatoes • Peppers • Hops •

Cucumbers • Berries • Melons • Lettuce • Kale • Spinach

General Information

Virtue 43™ is an OMRI-listed fertilizer adjuvant recommended for use on organic crops. It features unique biochemistry to improve the delivery of fertilizer and nutritional products, resulting in better plant vibrancy and resiliency, which leads to improved yields. Virtue 43™ is a liquid adjuvant that can be tank mixed with most nutritional liquid products, using existing spray systems, and applied throughout the growing season. 


Boosts plant resiliency • Improves nutrient uptake

• Improves fertilizer efficiency

 • Natural plant-based ingredients

• Concentrated formulation

• OMRI-listed for organic production

Application Timing

Row Crops

 Potatoes • Corn • Soybeans

Planting/Transplant: Apply in-furrow with liquid starters, or at first foliar application after emergence.

Foliar: 2 Applications. Apply within 3 weeks of emergence, and again just before row closure

Fruits & Vegetables

 Tomatoes • Peppers • Cucumbers • Hops • Berries • Melons

Planting/Transplant: Apply with transplant water or at first foliar nutrient application after emergence or transplant.

Foliar: 3-5 foliar applications. Apply starting 1-2 weeks after transplant or first application, and apply every 1-3 weeks along with foliar nutrients

Leafy Greens

Lettuce • Kale • Spinach

Planting/Transplant: Apply at transplant or at first foliar application after emergence.

Foliar: 2-3 foliar applications. Apply within 1-2 weeks of first application, and apply every 1-2 weeks until midseason

Usage Guidelines

Shake well before using

For best results, use agitation and

apply in evening or early morning

Designed to be tank-mix with other inputs

compatibility testing recommended

Recommended dose rate is 3-4 oz per acre

Apply within 24 hours of mixing

Store in a cool dry place, at room temperature

Flush or rinse sprayers with water after use