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Px Vitalyst™ is Gantec’s proprietary formulation technology designed to harness the power of natural chemistry to improve the delivery and utility of agricultural nutrients. 


  • Enhanced nutrient transport

  • Improved nutritional efficiency

  • Better nutrient availability under stress

  • Resulting boosts to fruit and plant yield


Px Vitalyst™ works by pairing nutrients with plant chemistry which facilitates a more seamless uptake through the plant tissue, and a more effective transport within the plant. This not only delivers more nutrients where needed, but also requires less effort on the part of the plant, freeing resources for other vital functions. Px Vitalyst™ has undergone years of testing in a variety of products across a broad geography of crops and climates.


  • Improved shelf life in blueberries                                                             (due to improved calcium levels, which strengthen fruit wall tissue)

  • Reduced bitter pit loss in apples                                                             (due to elevated calcium levels)

  • Improved yield in potatoes                                                                         (due to improved nitrogen levels)

  • Improved yield and RFV in alfalfa                                                           (due to improved nutrient levels)

  • Improved cold stress tolerance in grapes                                             (due to improved nutrient levels)