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Biodaptive Benefits

We don't know what stresses may come up during the season, but with our unique Bioadaptive products, you can give your plant the adaptive capacity they need to face the uncertain challenges and overcome them. 

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Hi, I’m Joe Affholter, one of the cofounders of Gantec. I want to talk to you today about the technology on which Gantec is based. Gantec studies the science of complexity at the biological level. Many times we think about ourselves - people, as the most complex living organisms, but we take a slightly different look at it. We look at it through the lens of plants. What is it that makes plants so durable? So able to adapt and survive centuries of changing climate, changes in nutrition, changes in infectious environments? What is it that allows plants to have such longevity? As we study the science, and begin to look at what we can do to use what plants have learned to benefit growers and crops, we have developed a technology called Bioadaptive Supplementation. What Bioadaptive Supplementation does, is to look at the chemistry of these long-lived organisms and particularly at a population we call secondary metabolites. The things that regulate the plants transport of molecules and nutrition that help the plant to communicate with its environment. That helps the plant respond when it’s attacked by something. Secondary metabolite populations in long-lived plants is the basis of Bioadaptive Supplementation. We take that complexity and we harness it and we combine it with the simplicity of modern products and formulations that can work with performance technology, application technology, mixing and tankage technology, and deliver the right level of nutrition or inputs at the right place at the right time to deliver the right impact to plants - that’s the foundation of Gantec technology, and its called Bioadaptive Supplementation.

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