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We harness the power
of plants growing in extreme environments
to help you grow better

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Our broad-spectrum approach, sourced from a variety of plants in many varied environments, gives your plants an increased capacity to adapt to the diverse and unpredictable challenges and stresses they face from season to season.

Image by Elliott Engelmann



Using extracts derived from plants that grow in extreme environments, your plants can stand up better to a wide range of abiotic stresses, including temperature, moisture, light and nutrient deficiencies, without sacrificing yield or production.

Image by Giulia Canaia



Our plant extract technology has been proven to improve uptake of key nutrients, from NPK to micronutrients such as calcium, manganese and boron, even in the face of challenging growing conditions.

Soybean field and sky

Yield &


The result of the many benefits of Gantec’s bio-adaptive technology is to create the optimal conditions for consistently better growth, higher yields, and improved quality

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