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GantecPro™ 1-0-0 is a concentrated blend of naturally-occurring, plant-based substances, including specialized extracts and amino acids, designed to improve plants’ response to abiotic stress and nutrient deficiency. GantecPro™ 1-0-0’s unique, proprietary formulation enhances nutrient uptake and overall plant resiliency, leading to optimal conditions for growth and yield. Effective at low rates, GantecPro™ 1-0-0 is compatible with a wide range of products, and easily synergizes with existing spray programs. 


Improves conditions for:
Plant resiliency
Yield and growth
Nutrient uptake

Plant-based ingredients
Concentrated formula
Highly compatible
Excellent ROI

General Use Instructions

Can be used in both soil and foliar applications, as well as fertigation systems. No specialized application equipment required. For best results, tank mix with other fertilizers and chemistry prior to application. Always jar test for compatibility, and dilute in water before mixing with other products.

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. 

Agitate before use, as some separation may occur.

Apply 8 fl oz - 2 quarts

For more detailed application information, see specific crop pages or contact your local Gantec rep or agronomist.

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