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Gantec’s plant-based Biodapt® technology is ideally suited to improve conditions for maximum nutrient uptake, growth, and resiliency for greenhouse grown food and nursery crops. Gantec allows improved performance in the presence of the various abiotic stresses faced by indoor food and nursery crops.


  • Cost-effective and easy to apply with existing chemicals and fertilizers

  • Increased nutrient uptake, particularly of key nutrients such as calcium, boron, and manganese

  • Enhanced conditions to maximize both yield and quality

  • Elevated performance under abiotic stresses, including temperature, moisture, and light stress


Please note, application information below is intended as a general guide only.

For more detailed application information contact your Gantec fertilizer representative or agronomist.

Little seedlings in soil


Recommended Product


Use Rate

1/8 fl oz per 1000 sq ft

# of Applications

every 1-2 weeks

Frequency & Timing

For best results, apply GantecGreen™ every 1-2 weeks

as a foliar spray at 1/8 fl oz per 1000 sq ft. Can also be applied in drench or through irrigation.


Improved performance under light stress for geraniums 

- Saginaw Valley State University Trial -

33% increase in red leaves

on pointsettias vs control 

foliar application

Pointsettia Trial Results

Top Row: Control | Bottom Row: Gantec Treated

Geranium Growth Trial
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